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Short version:
  • Kinsey 3 (even bisexual) with more heterosexual experience.
  • Kinky on occasion and a switch depending on her partner and mood.
  • As shipping goes: yes to Doreah, probably yeah to Drogo, give here with Asha-Yara, sure let's with Jon, sure let's with most other women (see below for favorites), possibly but eh with Daario, keep your incest and sketch away from me.

Regarding kinks: 
  • Yes: vaginal sex, oral sex (giving and receiving), bondage/light BDSM, sensory deprivation, teasing, honor bondage, tribbing
  • Maybe: stricter BDSM, anal sex, dress-up, toys, biting, spanking, orgasm denial, public sex, role reversal, punishment/discipline
  • No: dub/non-con, whipping, bathroom anything, vore, sounding, humiliation, bloodplay, ageplay, caning
  • Though she hasn't done everything there is to do sexually, she's at least aware of almost all of it.
  • She's very fond of her breasts being caressed and kissed.
  • Bondage and blindfolds have their uses, but gags are something she's very wary of.
Ask if something isn't listed.

Regarding partners and relationships:
  • Daenerys is a 3 on the Kinsey scale, though she's had more opportunities to act on the hetero side of that.
  • She absolutely does not feel comfortable using sex as a weapon.  Some elements of D/s are not out of the question, provided it's with someone she trusts and it's all in good fun, but keeping it consensual and relatively amiable, or at least not ultimately malicious, is very important to her.  She's also not interested in just doing to someone or having done to her with only one party getting off, really. 
  • Sex is for people she likes and trusts, as said, but it is not strictly about a romantic connection.  Consensual and affectionate sex with friend-types, often for the sake of relieving stress or some such, is a good thing indeed.
  • Dany is a switch, according to the mood and her partner's preferences.
Regarding shipping:
  • Instant yes (in canon): Drogo, Doreah, Asha-Yara. 
  • Negotiable (in canon): Jon, just about every woman (extra points for Sansa, Margaery, Missandei, Irri, and Arianne, but seriously, anyone is probably fair), others?  Provided the situation is reasonably drawn, many things could be considered.
  • "Types" (particularly for cross-canon): really, it varies: it's less that she has a "type" and more that she's willing to entertain the notion of being with most people who are interesting to her.  Respectfulness and honesty are also things she appreciates, but at least the latter of those is rare and she knows this, so it's not a complete dealbreaker.
Ask if you're not sure.  The muse is admittedly a bit picky about who she ships with, particularly cross-canon, which is not a reflection of the writer in question but just of an inherent wariness.

To clarify, Dany stays approximately current to the television show by default, and I've read through A Dance With Dragons.


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