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Name:Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen
Birthdate:Nov 2

daenerys targaryen

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once a timid child, a scared young woman in the shadow of the older brother she thought to be her last living family, the brother who treated her as a pawn in his schemes and sold her off without remorse, now a queen in her own right, a khaleesi and conqueror. the more that Daenerys sees of the world, the more she wants to help to fix it, help others find the freedom that all people deserve. she's learning that it isn't so simple, that compromises must be made, but when she returns to take the throne that was stolen from her family, she means to act as a ruler in her own right, not just one fueled by reputation.

Daenerys is the property of George R. R. Martin and also Benioff & Weiss & HBO, and Emilia Clarke is the property of herself. her default canonpoint is current to the TV show, though the mun has read all of the books.

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