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After her family's reign was overthrown, Dany and her brother were spirited across the Narrow Sea to Essos, at first protected by loyalists and then wandering the Free Cities looking for shelter. eventually they landed in Pentos, where a marriage between her and a Dothraki khal was brokered: in return for her hand, Drogo would lend forces to her brother to get his throne returned. This did not go according to plan, though, as once Dany and her new husband grew closer and conceived a child Viserys was no longer the priority. In the span of months, Drogo killed Viserys and then was killed by a maegi taken after the sack of her town, but not before he promised his khaleesi the throne that belonged to her family.

Dany hatched three dragons on his funeral pyre and took command of what remained of his khalasar after his death, and from then on everything was done to keep her people and dragons safe, to find a way back to Westeros, and to set right the injustices she encountered. After liberating the Unsullied army in Astapor, she set about ending slavery in all of Essos, eventually finding her way to Meereen, where she now rules as queen.


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Short version:
  • Kinsey 3 (even bisexual) with more heterosexual experience.
  • Kinky on occasion and a switch depending on her partner and mood.
  • As shipping goes: yes to Doreah, probably yeah to Drogo, give here with Asha-Yara, sure let's with Jon, sure let's with most other women (see below for favorites), possibly but eh with Daario, keep your incest and sketch away from me.

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